Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Free Offers News Update

Happy 44th President!

Not only are political advertising taking a back seat (thankfully) but it is the peak season for "Free" and 20-90% offers!

I have some insider top secret news!

It seems a major merger of "free" promotional offers have combined and are releasing a massive ( sized) web portal listing over 50k new Free listings!

50,000 Free electronics, sporting goods, home and garden products, clothing, health and beauty, etc!

Sounds promising! I will keep you updated stay tuned!

in the mean time enjoy this little offer I dug up...


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ten Worst Ever Pick Up Lines and What The Girl Really Hears

Awesome Free Apple Products!
Free Apple Ipod Shuffle
Free Apple Ipod Nano
Free Apple Ipod Touch

BEWARE using these!

Number 10

“Great legs, what time do they open?”
What they REALLY hear: I am a pervert trying to hide my sickness behind humor

Number 9
“You must be tired because you’ve been running through my head all night.”
What they REALLY hear: I have been stalking you

Number 8
“Hey girl, what’s up? Guess what? It’s your lucky day. Out of all the girls here, I picked you to talk to.”
What they REALLY hear: Hi I'm here to pass on herpes

Number 7
“That shirt’s very becoming on you. Of course, if I were on you I’d be coming too.”
What they REALLY hear: I'm into bukkaka

Number 6
“Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?”
What they REALLY hear: I'm quite used to paying for sex, are you willing to be a hooker?

Number 5
“Can I have your phone number? I seem to have lost mine.”
What they REALLY hear: I cannot let you call my cell my wife might answer it

Number 4
“Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?”
What they REALLY hear: Hi EGO EGO EGO walk by again?

Number 3
“Excuse me; I think you owe me a drink.”[She says, "Why?"] “Because when I saw you from across the room I dropped mine. It was a rum and Coke, and I’m [your name].”
What they REALLY hear: I'm cheap and need you to buy my drinks

Number 2
“Is your last name Gillette? Because you’re the best a man can get.”
What they REALLY hear: Hi I get my pick up lines from 12 year old

Number 1

“Do you come here often?”
What they REALLY hear: I have never left my mother's basement before and think this is a good line since I saw it on Love Boat reruns

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Top Ten Awesome Redhead FACTS!

1. Red hair is a genetic mutation

2. Redheads don't turn grey. Red hair turned sandy, then white. They are also found to loose their color later in life than people carrying other hair color

3. Redheads have always been thought untrustworthy. Judas is most always depicted as a redhead displaying the prejudice against red hair.

4. “Ill beat you like a redheaded stepchild”. This phrase was born out of the American south and implies the status of illegitimate offspring with a white master.

5. Bees tend to sting redheads more than others.

6. There was never a saint with red hair

7. A French Proverb states that “redheaded women are either violent or false, and usually are both.”

8. Natural Red hair is seen on the heads of only four percent of people

9. The color Green tempers red. Look at a color chart. This is why redheads are taught as children to wear lots of green. As if red hair is a shameful state of being

10. A 2002 study found that redhead are harder to sedate than any other people requiring twenty percent more anesthesia. Inadequate doses cause people to wake up during surgery and have increased recall of procedures

Took me 46 minutes to get my Free Laptop

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Free Airline Tickets

Business Calls me to Chicago and what a perfect time of the year to visit.

Even better then flying to Chicago, is flying to Chicago FREE

I might even bring back some T-shirts for my staff...we shall see

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free the follow up

I found out the major difference between corporations offering free...some lie!

Pretty much we have focused on one company so far due to the immense amount of "free" offers they have (we have found 2200 so far and reportedly other sites claim they have over 26000)

But for a switch I wanted to try out someone else, it makes for a nice break~

for the most part (and this must confuse many people) it looks so similar to other sites. The real problem with this offer...they don't ever ship you the product!!!

FYI guys stay clear of endless chains of steps or remarkably short periods of time allowed for completion! After 3 hours of my time wasted I got no closer to a laptop then I was before I started...real bummer too since I wanted to create my own network off these laptop offers I have been doing...

Hey even guys like me who spend (way too much) time examining and trying Free offers can waste their time and money- hopefully you will learn from my lesson.

Next post I will answer some emails (I promise)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Are Internet "Free"Offers Real?

I know that many "Free" offers fall under the adage; if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't

How Do you Feel on this?

If you answered No Click Here

If you answered Yes Click Here

If You Want to See the Offer I completed and Received for Free Click Here

Are Free Web Offers Really Free?


View Results

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Detroit Lions Picked to Win Super Bowl in 2008? Vote if you Agree

Real Fans go to games...Smart Fans go to games for FREE=
Will The Lions Win the Super Bowl in 2008-2009?


View Results
Free poll from Free Web Polls

Friday, August 29, 2008

Horrible Death by Dihydrogen Monoxide

We NEED to Ban this Chemical from use ASAP!

As our Beloved US national Holiday closes in on us I want to WARN all of you of this dangerous chemical that literally kills thousands per year and is backed by the US government for every day use!

That is right, it is responsible for thousands of deaths per year in US alone, and been a tool of murders world wide, directly leads to erosion of the earth and ozone depletion!

AND the Government ENDORSES it's use, even going so far as to promote it's use!!!

Help Stop this madness and leave you email in the comment field so I can begin a national ban on this EXTREMELY unstable chemical!

Hey it is a Holiday you'll want to go places, go there free with this FREE $1500 Gas Gift Card


Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide is the scientific name for Water :) Have a Great Holiday weekend!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick Definitions

As some e mailers have pointed out:

"...although you may be Mr. Acronym we are not- how about defining those for us...?"

Ok, I do tend to get ahead of myself so I'll try to define a few (and come back over time to update this)

SEM: Refers to the paid or sponsored listing you find on Consumer Traffic Sites (Yahoo, Google, MSN, Ask, etc) These listings are paid for and ranked according to bid and relevancy

SEO: Refers to organic or grown listings that are not paid for (unless you count link/traffic purchases!) and are typically ranked higher depending upon traffic (consumers visiting website) link strength (high traffic sites exchanging posted links) and quality score

Quality Score: (I'll try my best but really Go here for in depth
Basically Search Engines (Google) want consumers (you) to find the closet matching website/offer to your search query as possible, through statistical analysis such as click through rates, local search matches/clicks, and a host of other stats they determine what is best for you to see when you search

Google: The search engine handles 78% of all consumers surfing (not including Asian markets), in terms of search engines they are #1 and no one is even close (sadly, I hate monopolies it ruins invention)

Typos: somthing I do quite often, pleas forgive me... : )

BTW: I am not Mr. Acronym I just hate typing : )

Advocate Group Update

Well the team has been quite busy with their research and you should see a few new posts and offers being investigated (Travel is always one of my favorites) so click away on the link section.

Also I have asked the group to guest post on others blogs so we can see some different offers, conclusions, and Q&A from differing views/authors

Since we can get focused and busy with this research (it can take 4-6 hours per offer to investigate!) we always welcome comments, questions, and related links (we will do the grunt work for you!~)

I have received numerous emails concerning the Refer-A-Friend option on my Wii offer (from World Avenue) and I will devout a post explaining this in much greater depth (Thanks CJ, HH, & Laurie88)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Free Network

I have established the grass roots of our network!

Please give a warm welcome to the webmasters and their blogs- each specialized in "Free Offers" within a specific marketing vertical:

Arts Crafts & Hobbies :

Consumer Electronics:


Clothing & Accessories:

Health Beauty & Medical(no drugs):

Books Multi-Media Entertainment:

Toys and Games:

Food & Drink:

Home & Garden::

Sports & Recreation::

Cars Trucks & Boats:

Each of these webmasters have promised to help grow my research! In order to identify and research Free Offers we decided to break them down to manageable catagories; this gives me greater depth of investigation as well as recruiting some help to get to all the offers!

Free Nintendo Wii Game system?

Today We examine the persuasive "Free Nintendo Wii" Offer

Up to recently there was literally no such thing as a 100% Free (Free meaning: You pay absolutely nothing) offer.

Apparently the old system was based upon consumers not completing enough qualifying offers in the time provided- giving revenue to the company but not the product to the consumer

This site (and in reality it's network of sites/offers) turned that around-in fact since August 15th, 2008 they altered the method for consumers to actually promote and allow 100% free items!

What is the catch? Well simple enough you must complete offers that require $0 $0 Shipping and handling - i.e. free trials or credit cards (sign up for discover card get it and use once-on anything...

so as long as they keep this system you can in fact get anything they offer for free- we will keep an eye on this to see if it stands true- check back for updates

This is a SEO catalog page they use SEM (paid listings) to advertise- I would disable the code following the .com but that seems to re-direct you to a default page not the offer...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Top 5 Laptops Reviewed Article On www.CostfreeLaptop.comSEO advertising joins the Radio, TV, and PPC lisitings

read more | digg story

Building From the Ground Up

Support the cause, follow the link and click digg to increase our exposure!

Help get the truth out...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Free: Truth in Advertising Rules

What truth-in-advertising rules apply to advertisers?
Under the Federal Trade Commission Act:

  • Advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive;
  • Advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims; and
  • Advertisements cannot be unfair
What makes an advertisement deceptive?

According to the FTC's Deception Policy Statement, an ad is deceptive if it contains a statement - or omits information - that:

  • Is likely to mislead consumers acting reasonably under the circumstances; and
  • Is "material" - that is, important to a consumer's decision to buy or use the product.

What makes an advertisement unfair?
According to the Federal Trade Commission Act and the FTC's Unfairness Policy Statement, an ad or business practice is unfair if:

  • it causes or is likely to cause substantial consumer injury which a consumer could not reasonably avoid; and
  • it is not outweighed by the benefit to consumers.

Free: Defined

  1. Obtainable without payment.

All drinks are free

  1. Unconstrained.

He was given free rein to do whatever he wanted

  1. Unobstructed, without blockages.

the drain was free

  1. Without obligations.

free time