Friday, August 29, 2008

Horrible Death by Dihydrogen Monoxide

We NEED to Ban this Chemical from use ASAP!

As our Beloved US national Holiday closes in on us I want to WARN all of you of this dangerous chemical that literally kills thousands per year and is backed by the US government for every day use!

That is right, it is responsible for thousands of deaths per year in US alone, and been a tool of murders world wide, directly leads to erosion of the earth and ozone depletion!

AND the Government ENDORSES it's use, even going so far as to promote it's use!!!

Help Stop this madness and leave you email in the comment field so I can begin a national ban on this EXTREMELY unstable chemical!

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Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide is the scientific name for Water :) Have a Great Holiday weekend!

1 comment:

SportJock said...

I had no idea the Dihydrogen Monoxide can cause cancer. The government has some explaining to do!