Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free the follow up

I found out the major difference between corporations offering free...some lie!

Pretty much we have focused on one company so far due to the immense amount of "free" offers they have (we have found 2200 so far and reportedly other sites claim they have over 26000)

But for a switch I wanted to try out someone else, it makes for a nice break~


for the most part (and this must confuse many people) it looks so similar to other sites. The real problem with this offer...they don't ever ship you the product!!!

FYI guys stay clear of endless chains of steps or remarkably short periods of time allowed for completion! After 3 hours of my time wasted I got no closer to a laptop then I was before I started...real bummer too since I wanted to create my own network off these laptop offers I have been doing...

Hey even guys like me who spend (way too much) time examining and trying Free offers can waste their time and money- hopefully you will learn from my lesson.

Next post I will answer some emails (I promise)

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